Coockie Policy

We use cookies, pixels, and other technologies (collectively, "cookies") on our website. Cookies are used to store user information on your computer, smartphones, smart tablets and other devices that access the internet. The law covers any technology that stores information within a user’s web browser or anywhere else on their device. When we refer in this notice to cookies, we are referring to any and all such technology.
Cookies are used in order for our website to recognize your browser or device, learn and store information about how you use our website so that we can provide the services you require, improve your user experience and provide certain functions for the operation of the website. Some cookies are essential for the proper operation of our website, such as taking you to a page you wish to navigate to. Other cookies can enhance your user experience but are not essential for the operation of the website.
Any information collected by cookies that may allow us to identify you and how you use our website will be treated by us as your personal information and we will hold and treat that information in accordance with our privacy policy that you can review here: Privacy Policy.

You can find a list of the cookies we use on our website here:
The list includes links to descriptions of the cookies we use and the reasons that we use them. Where possible, the descriptions provide instructions on how the cookies may be deactivated so that they are not used when you are using the website, but please be aware that by deleting, restricting and blocking cookies, our website will not function correctly and will impact on your user experience. Depending on the cookies and your browser settings, you may need to repeat the process for some of the cookies each time that you use the website. Additionally, we may stop using certain cookies and use other cookies from time-to-time. The list, links and related information will be updated when we make changes to the cookies we use, so you should review the list from time-to-time.
Consent and Control
If you do not approve of the use of the cookies detailed in the list referred to above and you cannot deactivate them according to the information provided in the links, then you should not use our website. Your continued use of our website will be deemed to be your consent for the use of those cookies that are detailed and that cannot be deactivated or that are not deactivated by you.
Third Party Websites
Our website links through to third party websites which may also use cookies over which we have no control. We recommend that you check the relevant third party's privacy policies for information about any cookies which may be used on those websites.
We may update our cookie policy from time-to-time. When we do, this notice will be updated accordingly. We encourage you to review this cookie notice periodically to stay informed. This notice is presently correct as of December 24, 2018.
Contact Information
If you have any questions or comments regarding our use of cookies, please email